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Plant-Based Food Option

Healthy Plant-based Meals Delivered.

Ready to Eat.

Life takes a toll on everyone and it becomes difficult to eat healthy food. Looking to start on your plant-based journey but you don't know how to start or simply you don't have time to cook for yourself? Let us tailor a meal plan for you and deliver fresh meals ready to eat to your front door weekly. Enjoy eating healthy farmers market ingredients. Select from a few meals below or simply our starter pack to get you started on your Plant-Based Journey.

Cameroon Cuisine

As a Cameroonian native, I was fortunate to learn to cook very young thanks to my Grand-mother. My Grandmother Sophie was a terrific human being. She taught me all I know about cooking. From traditional dishes to European meals. She was a versatile cook. I loved spending my time in the countryside of Cameroon to learn how to farm. She was a farmer and grew her crops. Everything we ate came from her farm. As a child, I hated to do chores and she will remind me to look with my heart and not my eyes. She wanted me to stop measuring how much I had left to do but rather focus on what I have accomplished so far so I can keep going. A lesson I took with me as I grew up to an adult. She loves to season her meals; so the use of spices, herbs, and grains was constant in her culinary repertoire. Her favorite dishes were: "Ndole with the baton, Mbongo Tchobi with plantains, Mitumba, Poison Braise (braise Fish)." I became the go-to person in my family to cook such meals since they knew I could cook it just like my Grandmother did. Today, I'm able to not only use her recipes and apply them to so many cooking and from her teaching, but I can also create a flavor profile just from a list of spices without even thinking. Thank you, Grandmother, for your love of culinary arts and for teaching me your craft with so much love.

I invite you to sample the many Cameroonian dishes that would appeal to your palate.


The following F.A.Q also apply to Mola Foods Tasting members and non-members.

1. Are the meals delivered frozen, hot, warm? Weekly meal deliveries are delivered fully prepared, super fresh, and cold. Never frozen. Although most are freezable, and we recommend that you freeze if you don't plan to eat within the first 5-7 days.

2. Are the meals designed to be frozen in the container they come in if I won't be eating them right away, or should I put them in my own freezer containers? You can absolutely freeze in the containers provided.

3. Does it matter when I place my order? Orders should be placed as early as possible for Saturday deliveries. We source our ingredients as close to cooking time as possible, but once we've stocked ingredients we have to limit the total we can make for that Saturday. The later you deliver the more difficult it is for us to guarantee fulfillment. We will let you know if we had to decline something you requested late.

6. Is Saturday the only delivery day? Saturday is currently our only delivery day but we offer to pick up also on Saturdays at our location. We are shipping meals to all over New England now too please drop us an email at customerservice@molafoods.com if you're outside our delivery area and would like to be one of the first ones we ship to.

7. When can I expect my order to be delivered? Your meals will be delivered anytime between 11 AM and 5:30 PM on delivery day. If we have unusually high orders or traffic/weather issues and our drivers become delayed, you will be informed via email.

8. I need a more specific delivery time. What do I do? If you let us know ahead of time, we may be able to deliver at a specific time of day. If you have limited delivery needs, please give us a call or drop us an email and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

9. What should I do if I can't be home for my delivery? Simply leave a cooler with ice packs for your driver. **If you aren't home for delivery and forget to leave a cooler, you will be responsible for picking up your meals at 35 Manchester st. After the meals are delivered Jals Cuisine Bantu takes no responsibility for meals left in coolers overnight/stolen/tampered with.

10. How do I reheat my meals? All meals are fully cooked and can be reheated in the microwave for 2-3 minutes or oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. (obviously, this doesn't apply to mason jar salads or other raw veggie meals, DO NOT put those in the oven or microwave). Please consume or freeze within 6 days of delivery.

11. Is everything gluten-free? Most of our menu is naturally gluten-free, although there are a few menu items. We kindly request that you let us know if there is a specific gluten allergy or if you have ANY food allergies.

12. Do you cater? At this time we do not cater. Our family trays of weekly specials serve four to six so lots of our customers will order several trays to feed a crowd. We will gladly deliver orders over $300

13. I would like to send your food as a gift. How do I do that? We have several options for purchasing Jals gifts for your friends, colleagues and loved ones right here.

14. How do I order for weekly delivery? You can order for weekly delivery by making your selections on our website or by calling your order in at 603-341-1300,

Plant-Based Menu

Our Plant-Based Menu changes Weekly.

1- Veggie Black beans and mango rice Bowl with cilantro vinaigrette and red bell peppers.

2- Cameroonian Ndole Spinach cooked with peanuts served with boiled plantains

3- Cameroonian Peanut soup peanut sauce made with tofu and served with Basmati rice.

Non-Plant-Based Menu

Here you will learn about our Weekly Non-plant-based Menu

1- Balsa braised chicken

(Balsa Chicken braised chicken is done using Mola Foods Cameroonian Inspired Blend. Served with Fried plantains.)

2- Cameroonian Blackened sauce with pork (Stove blackened sauce (Mbongo in Cameroon) cooked with pork with boiled plantains)

3- Cameroonian Ndole Spinach cooked with peanuts, shrimp and beef served with boiled plantains

4- Peanut sauce made with beef and served over basmati rice

(Spinach cooked with peanuts, shrimp or beef served with boiled or fried plantains)

How It works?

1- Order Fresh cooked to order food online before Thursday 10 AM  Eastern Time for delivery the following week or pick up on Saturdays. If you miss the cut off email us at customerservice@molafoods.com and we will do our best to fill your order.

2- Meals are delivered to your door or you can pick up your meals at selected times. Your meals are shipped in a refrigerated box designed to keep perishable food fresh for 4 days. USPS Priority Mail will deliver your fresh ready to eat Plant-based World cuisine to include (Cameroonian. Ethiopian, Moroccan, Somali, etc..) food or simply your Mola Foods tasting sample to your door on Tuesday or Thursday (after the Thursday your order). They'll leave the box on your front porch so you don’t need to be home. You unpack your fresh food and store it in your fridge.

3- Heat and eat per the simple instructions on the package.

4-Made Fresh to Order - Never Frozen

5-Ready to Heat & Eat - 

6-Salt-Free Options using local ingredients from your farmers.

About Us

Healthy Plant-based Meals Delivered.

Ready to Eat.

Life takes a toll on everyone and it becomes difficult to eat healthy food. Looking to start on your plant-based journey but you don't know how to start or simply you don't have time to cook for yourself? Let us tailor a meal plan for you and deliver fresh meals ready to eat to your front door weekly. Enjoy eating healthy farmers' market ingredients. Select from a few meals below to get you started on your Plant-Based Journey.

Jals Plant-based Cuisine Bantu was created with the idea that Cameroonian cuisine needed to be celebrated in New Hampshire. In addition to Cameroonian cuisine, Jals Cuisine Bantu will be providing dishes from other countries as well as fulfilling the Mola Foods tasting program. Check back often to see the updated menu.


We have a new Pick Up Location Now. See Below. Starting February 20th, 2021 you will be able to pick up cooked meals in our refrigerated section.

9 Simon st Ste 103

Nashua, NH

Monday- Friday

 10 AM- 5 PM


9:30 AM - 5 PM