Jals Cuisine Bantu

Offering Delivery and pick up only. Experience Bantu, World Cuisine and beyond using Mola Foods Spices. Jals cuisine Bantu is an extension tasting program of Mola Foods.

Order every day by Friday 10 AM for Delivery and pick up Saturdays. 

Everything is delivered  super fresh. Just reheat and eat all week long!

How It works?

1- Order Fresh cooked to order food online before Friday 10 AM  Eastern Time for delivery the following week or pick up on Saturdays. If you miss the cut off email us at customerservice@molafoods.com and we will do our best to fill your order.

2- Meals are delivered to your door or you can pick up your meals at selected times. Your meals are  shipped in a refrigerated box designed to keep perishable food fresh for 4 days. USPS Priority mail will deliver your fresh ready to eat Cameroonian food or simply your Mola Foods tasting sample to your door on Tuesday  or Thursday (after the Friday you order). They'll leave the box on your front porch so you don’t need to be home. You unpack your fresh food and store  in your fridge.

3- Heat and eat per the simple instructions on the package.

4-Made Fresh to Order - Never Frozen

5-Ready to Heat & Eat - 

6-Salt-Free Options using local ingredients from your farmers.

About Us

 Mola Foods is launching more robust tasting opportunities using Jals Cuisine Bantu platform to expose additional customers to our brand and showcase some of the delicious ways our products are used to make everyday ingredients more exciting. The sampling/tasting currently in use by Mola Foods which is well attended and has received rave reviews. Sampling many of Mola Foods products from a custom-made tasting menu, designed by a professional chef, is fun and low-risk way for the customer to become acquainted with us—and fall in love. The program is offered by the location, with an added incentive for hosting an event.

Tasting Program packages:

Mola Foods tasting room includes non-member options or a choice between two membership packages:

Packages for non-members

Tasting (no leftover packaging provided) $18/person Tasting with leftover packaging provided $20.50/person Tasting + your choice of seasoning to take home $25/person

Membership packages:

$75/month membership includes

2 Tastings/week OR 8 Tastings over the entire month Does not include products

$125/month membership includes

• 8 Tastings per month • 4 Seasonings/month

Perks of Membership (for both packages);

Leftover packaging provided for every tasting Small bite sampling from smaller portioned dishes from various cuisine Priority tasting and service VIP invitations to tasting events Review trial samples and premier new products

Future events see below:

Check here for future events

Want to Host an event? Click here

Jals Cuisine Bantu was created with the idea that Cameroonian cuisine needed to be celebrated in New Hampshire. In addition to Cameroonian cuisine, Jals Cuisine Bantu will be providing dishes from other countries fulfilling Mola Foods tasting program. Check back often to see updated menu.


35 Manchester rd

Derry, NH


11AM - 2PM